Christina Lynch

One writer's struggle to make sense of the universe, or laugh trying.


There is an actual part of your brain ( I believe it is in the hippocampus) that keeps a record of your life story. Of course, it's not an accurate record. My hippocampus claims that I grew up mostly in Chicago, graduated from Harvard College, and have my MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles. I was at one time the Milan correspondent for W magazine, and lived in Italy for 7 years, where I ate a lot of wonderful meals and  won the Tuscan Endurance Championship on my horse Camelia. I moved to L.A. to write television, which I still do, though now I spend most of my time in a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with a couple of lazy horses and two very emotionally manipulative dogs. I write novels, articles, and television (and too many emails), book coach, and teach writing.