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Painting the town red, blue, gray, green...

Posted by Christina Lynch on September 28, 2014 at 5:00 PM

The past three weekends I've been painting western storefronts for a film festival we're putting on to raise money for our local arts group. The first weekend it was 104 degrees, and one of us got heat stroke. The next weekend was a little cooler, and this weekend it rained and we wore long sleeves, socks and jeans. I feel like creating this "town" from scrap lumber and leftover paint has been highly metaphorical (because that's what writers do: we see metaphors everywhere). We all came together for no apparent gain (other than a free lunch). We were spirited, creative, and got to get dirty. We endured long hours, extreme temps and gave up the free time we would have spent doing a thousand other things. And now... it's all coming together, and it looks AMAZING. So what's it a metaphor for? Oh, just about everything worth doing. You have to use what you can cobble together. It's a lot easier when you have friends to help. And if you stick with it through the bad moods, the hot days, the rain, and can laugh when flies land on your handiwork, you'll end up with something you can be proud of. 

Pictures to follow...

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